Lactoperoxidase Supplement For Oral Health

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Lactoperoxidase is also a member ofthe peroxide family. It’s one of the components of saliva, milk and tears. It has been established by many pieces of research that substance has anti-bacterial properties. When individuals were given a lactoperoxidase supplement, a significant decrease in their bacterial profile was observed. All the researchers who have used the substance for its anti-bacterial properties have found the same results. The substance could prove to be a breakthrough discovery if its oral administration can be mastered. So far, everything has fallen in place, and there have been no aberrations. All the subjects have responded, precisely the way researchers had expected.


Lactoperoxidase also is known as LPO, has come out as a substance that has very diverse medicinal properties. Its antimicrobial properties are strong and effective.  It’s a naturally occurring substance and does not have side effectswhen administered orally, which is a scarce property.  The lactoperoxidase supplement also reduces the viability of oral bacteria significantly; that’s the reason this discovery is projected as a significant breakthrough for medical science. The substance has shown that promise whenever it has been put in use. LPO containing tablets has exhibited a tremendous inhibitory effect on bacteria, which also a promisingsign considering periodontal diseases.


One of the significant challenges with periodontal diseases has been the elimination of periodontopathic bacteria.And there is a consensus among the practitioners that the mechanical techniques rooting and scaling have been not only time-consuming but also very ineffective in maintaining hygiene. That’s when lactoperoxidase supplement can play a significant role, it is effective as well as it does not have side effects.

Lactoperoxidase Supplement For Oral Health

Antibacterial agents Vs lactoperoxidase

It is a very genuine argument that why can’t practitioners use antibacterial agents, rather than going for a substance which no oral history administration. But then medical is all about practice, research, and coming up with better solutions for the greater good. There’s no denial of the fact that antibacterial agents can do the same job, but they some very random side effects which do not form any pattern. When you use an agent, and you are aware of its effectiveness and limitations, then it’s good science. At the same time, if you are using a substance medically without knowing its limitations can have very dangerous prospects. That’s the reason medical science needed, which is naturally occurring and do not have any side effects. The lactoperoxidase supplement has been able to fill that gap very effectively.


Lactoperoxidase like Immunoglobulin G is an enzyme that is secreted from all mammary, salivary as well as mucosal glands. Its natural occurrence makes it even more significant for medical science. It’s one of the most prominent enzymes in bovine milk. That’s the reason; it is a new medical community even more. The availability will never be an issue. It’s just a matter of application and scale.